Photo and multimedia coverage of medical work in Ganta, Liberia. Watch one of the two multimedia presentations below for information about VVF (vesicovaginal fistula) and the doctors who have dedicated their lives to restoring hope and health to women who suffer from it worldwide.


Multimedia Video - 3 minutes

Multimedia Video - 7 minutes

For additional information and personal stories about VVF work in Ganta, Liberia, visit

How can I help?

Short of going yourself or donating medical equipment, the best way you can help is to raise awareness of the issue and donate financially. Vanderbilt University's work in Ganta is an ongoing project and their team is always looking for individuals and groups to join them in efforts to prevent and repair VVF. If you would like to contribute, call the team at the Vanderbilt Institute for Global Health at (615) 322-9374 for more information.

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